Mbmania's Reply to Keith Finch:

Thanks for your input! We are glad we stopped shuttling too. Downhilling
is just plain wrong! True bicycling skill is the ability to ascend technical
terrain at a snail pace, having to maintain balance over rocks when your
moving less then one mile per hour. I don't know where these downhill
guys get the idea that sprinting as hard as they can down a hill, sliding into
corners using NO brakes, sailing 10 to 30 feet in the air over jumps requires
any skill!? Downhillers are truley a dumb breed of bike riders!

I have seen those idiots pedalling there 40 + pound steads up long trails
just to get to the downhill - you know they aren't there for the climb either,
it seems they are just doing it to get it out of the way so they can rocket
down our local trails and make us look bad.

The same damn thing happened to skiing. Everything was just fine
until they put in those lifts for the sissy's that didn't enjoy hiking to the
top of the mountain to ski down.

Riding uphill and Skiiing uphill is where the fun really is!

Take care,

--Anonomous MBmania staff member :-)
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