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  • Destinations

    The blueist of skies
    The freshest air
    Utah landowners that just don't care
    Gnarly downhills that seem to never end
    Girls in bars, you'll never see again
    Campfires and beer it's sad but true,
    If your home on the couch, it sucks to be you!

    Troy at Cedar Raceway in Utah


    Utah trip: Four days of epic downhill!!!
    Included are trail guides (us), all day downhill shuttles to back country trails, expert mechanical and technical service and advice, and best of all - good company!
    camp in Utah at Second left canyon
    campfire fun/Utah
    Sleeping accomodations: We camp in a secluded valley near the end
    of one of the many downhill trails you will be riding. Those who wish not to camp will be dropped off at a local motel / hotel of there choice in the nearby town of Cedar city or Parowan Utah, and will be picked up each morning to ride - though we highly recommend camping!
    Food: Mountain bike mania will be including a dinner for those whom are camping with us. All other meals are your responsibility. We will be making regular stops in the local towns for supplies....

    As far as driving, sit back, relax, and
    Leave the Driving to Us!!!

    The Trails...

    Dark Hollow is a Downhill classic in the Brian Head area. Starting at 11,300 feet, you'll descend some 16 miles through lusch green pine forest passing into glistening white aspen woods before diving deep into red rock canyons... The ride ends near the town of Parowan at roughly 5800 feet
    We'll take you on a RAD "locals" variation of this that we think you'll like!

    Blow Hard Mountain is a less known Downhill trail in the Brian Head area. Beginning at 10,500 feet, you'll descend some 9 miles, winding through pine forests and towering white aspens before trailing on the very edge of Cedar Breaks National Park!
    Near the rocky cliffs edge, your wheels roll, sending splinters of rocks chattering into the depths below. A quick dash through Volcanic ash and you're back into the loam of dense foilage. Dirt will be spraying from your wheels as you drift through the many turns ahead...
    The trail then descends abruptly into a roller coaster ride over soft loose soil, paving a sinous path through bristle cone pines and glowing white aspens. Just when you think it doesn't get any better, you suddenly are dumped out on the edge of a huge cliff over looking deep green forests below. The trail continues on and rejoins Cedar canyon highway 14 some 10 miles east of the town of Cedar city.

    Blowhard mtn / fall trip (photo courtesy of Robert Masters)

    The "C" Trail is another less known Downhill trail just outside of Cedar City. It descends through brislecone pines, limestone, shale, and red rock. If you need to practice your corners and switch back turns - this is the place!!! The trail is only 5 miles long, but the many technical turns in it make the trail into a 20 - 30 minute downhill - (The fastest time recorded is 15:02). This is a great evening ride as it is common to see wildlife such as Deer, bobcats, mountain lions, sage hens, huge rabbits, and many other indegenous species.
    Troy on the C trail in Utah
    Troy on the C trail in Utah

    Bunker Creek (Coming soon!)

    Casto Canyon / Losee Canyon has been the target of many video's of late. Scenes from videos such as "Down", "Kranked III", and the upcoming "ANY GIVEN WEEKEND" were filmed in this area. This used to be our only XC type ride, but recently we discovered a way to shuttle it!
    You are dropped off near the entrance to Bryce canyon national park and descend some nine miles through red rock formations. The wide single track is not very technical, but the awe inspiring vista's will more than make up for it!!!
    About 5 miles into the ride is a fork to an XC trail that will take you to the top of Losee Canyon, a magnificant violet, pink, red, orange, bluish moonscape of rolling hills, eventually leading to a kick ass downhill. Though not very technical, it is full of fun high speed turns thru semi soft soil!
    Well worth the work to get to the top - We have been known to pedal our 40 + lb steeds to the top just to see this magnificant place and partake of the exhilerating Downhill afterwards!
    Losee Canyon - Ray dropping off of rock plateau

    Casto canyon / Losee canyon surrounding cliffs

    Losee Canyon - Sean Dropping big air off rock jump

    Sean dropping off plateau

    Cedar Raceway: Hone your skills at "Cedar Raceway", moto-x and BMX track. Get advice from Sean Speed, an ex-Expert BMX racer and very skilled jumper! Need a little help with your corner speeds, talk to Troy. Need help in General, talk to Ray-Ray...

    Troy jumping big Table at Cedar raceway
    Troy powersliding into right turn off double jump at Cedar raceway

    Cedar Raceway just outside of Cedar city Utah

    Petroglyphs / Parowan Gap (Coming soon!)